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Photo Christmas Card from 1934

All Good Wishes for Christmas and the New Year

I tend to think of photo Christmas cards as a fairly recent phenomenon. Nowadays, with a few clicks on our phone, we can take a photo and upload it to one of a dozen sites that will deliver custom holiday cards.

1934 Christmas Card and Wedding Announcement with Photo of the couple
1934 Christmas Card and Wedding Announcement

Newlyweds Helen and Robert Harschnek of Chicago surely exerted more effort and were almost 90 years ahead of the curve when they used their wedding photo for their Christmas card in 1934.

The two had met at at a dance at an old people's home in June of 1933. He, in particular, was smitten. A little over a year later they married in November 1934 and celebrated almost seventy years of marriage. Their Christmas card doubled as a wedding announcement.

Photos used as postcards were quite common in the early 20th century. In fact, Robert's mother had two such postcards of the same photo that she use to write her husband Alois as he traveled (Wait a Sec…Postcard Doubletake?), but not until more recent years and modern printing technology, did photo holiday cards become popular.


Much as Helen and Robert's card says, Unlock Your History sends

All good wishes for Christmas and the New Year!

And for anyone curious, below is the head-to-toe wedding photo. Remarkable lace on the train of the veil.

1934 Wedding Portrait - Standing couple - Chicago
1934 Wedding Portrait: Helen Bruhn to Robert Harschnek of Chicago

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