This is terrific! More than I had hoped for.  I was looking for the names of my great grandfather's parents. And here they are, deciphered from old German handwriting!

I feel like I’m on “Finding Your Roots!”



Their very obvious love for what they do and their attention to detail resulted in my complete satisfaction in all phases of my project.

This is lovely!   I knew that the poem was a reflection on a long life, and having the translation now gives me a much more personal feeling about him. 

The explanation about the style of his German usage is very helpful, too.

I have my research work ahead which is great!

I very much appreciate all the work that you did to translate and put context around the letters, along with ideas for sources to research.

The contextual notes and ideas for next steps are so helpful. And save me a ton of time doing research. 

I  looked at some general genealogy research websites and a few other translation services websites which did not provide both the genealogy context and translation services like Unlock Your History does.