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I am very pleased. Your company was the only one that was able to decipher the message and I contacted six. 

Your work presentation is outstanding and very professional.

J.M. - Texas 

Danish West Indies record 

I feel like I’m on “Finding Your Roots!”

D.A. - Pennsylvania


Once again amazing work.  I can't express how much I appreciate the extraordinary attention to detail.

Their very obvious love for what they do and their attention to detail resulted in my complete satisfaction in all phases of my project.

D.M. - Georgia

This is lovely!   I knew that the poem was a reflection on a long life, and having the translation now gives me a much more personal feeling about him. 

M.B. - Pittsburgh

I learned of Unlock Your History from the Max Kade Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, so I knew that the translation quality would be good. I was expecting a simple translation but got so much more. I have gotten context of language that was used, research into names and places that are mentioned, and the tone in which the letters are written (with humor, a formal greeting, etc). I am beginning to 'know' my ancestors through this, and I could not be more grateful and happy with the work.

HT - Wisconsin

I am so happy with their service. I had a family mystery that was very much helped by their translation of a 19th century, fairly illegible (to me!) handwritten Danish document. Not only did they translate it for me but they also gave me great leads on how to continue research. amazing value! I will return!


Fantastic. I had 2 documents in old German text and handwriting. I hoped a translation would help uncover at least the names of my father’s great great grandfather and mother. Unlock Your History deciphered their names and more.  They are reasonably priced, easy to work with and genuinely interested in helping you. I’m so glad I connected with them.

- A.K. - Chicago

Unlock Your History was able to give me an in-depth look into the lives of my ancestors when they completed a complex translation of numerous German letters that belonged to my great grandmother almost 100 years ago.

K.K. - Pennsylvania

I  looked at some general genealogy research websites and a few other translation services websites which did not provide both the genealogy context and translation services like Unlock Your History does.

- A.R. - Norwegian letters

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