Family. History. Exploration. Discovery.

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Pamela Israel grew up surrounded by a family immersed in genealogy. She also has a passion for exploring and discovery. After years of marketing and product launches in the corporate and start-up worlds, she spoke to her linguist brother and brought these interests together. She created Unlock Your History, specializing in genealogical translation of all Germanic languages to help others discover what is locked in their family letters, postcards, certificates, diaries, wills and more.

Pamela researches and speaks frequently on the intersection of family artifacts, history and genealogy. She is a member of numerous genealogical associations, including APG (Association of Professional Genealogists), earned her Certificate from Boston University's Genealogical Research Program and is on the board of the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society.


Languages. History. German. Family.

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Stefan Israel started translating old family letters in German and Danish back as a college student, and picked up the old German form of cursive as a teenager.  He majored in German, and went on to earn a Ph.D. and become a professor in Germanic Linguistics, focused on German and its dialects, Dutch, and all the Scandinavian languages. 

His years abroad have included southern Bavaria, Freiburg near the French and Swiss borders, Kiel in northern Germany and Schleswig near the Danish border, as well as Finland and Iceland.  He has worked specifically as a translator since 2002.  And he enjoys it greatly.