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O Tannenbaum (O Christmas Tree) & More!

Colder weather is upon us. Presents are mostly purchased and some are even wrapped. Houses are adorned with festive lights, decorations and trees. We've some German translations to get you even more in the holiday spirit!

Pear Ornament in Tree

Christmas Tree - der Weihnachtsbaum "“dair VIE-nakhts-BAOM"


Christbaum “KRISST-baom”


Tannenbaum "TAHNN-en-baom" (used for any fir tree)


der Weihnachtsbaumschmuck “dair VIE-nakhts-baom-SHMOOCK”


der Baumschmuck "dair Baom - SHMOOCK"

The song familiar to so many Americans, The Twelve Days of Christmas has been translated to die zwölf Weihnachtstage “dee TZVELF VIE-nakhts-taa-guh,” but it is not a traditional German song. In case you want to talk about a pear tree, we added a couple words.

Pear - Birne “BEERnuh"

Peartree - Birnebaum "BEERnenBAOM"

The 12 Days of Christmas truly begins the evening of Christmas Eve, December 24 and goes through Epiphany, the morning of January 6.


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