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Black Cat (schwarze Katze) Boo!

On this day full of black cats and trick-or-treats, we've a handful of German translations (and pronunciation tips) for your All-Hallow's Eve enjoyment.

Black Cat - schwarze Katze

Black cat - schwarze Katze "Kat-zuh"

Witch - Hexe "Hex-uh"

Skeleton - Gerippe “guh-RIPpuh"

Ghost - Spuk “shpook” or Gespenst "guhSPENST”

Until the 1990s, Germans didn't have the tradition of celebrating Halloween. Nowadays, many of the younger folks dress up in scary outfits and celebrate.

Germans do have Rübengeistern, a much older practice of making jack-o-lanterns out of beets (Rübe is beet in German) at different times throughout the year.


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