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Beloved Son, Hurry! 1843 Letter

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Day 5 to highlight the Art of Handwriting and your Family through January 23rd, National Handwriting Day.

Share a favorite family hand-written letter, postcard, even note. Old or new. English or other. Post one or many. Tag Unlock Your History and include #HandwritingYourHistory and #NationalHandwritingDay.

This is an 1843 letter from my 3rd great grandfather, to his son telling him to hurry home from the army before his mother dies. We have a letter from a couple weeks later saying that his mother has died. Carl then brought these letters to the US when he moved, so they clearly were precious to him.

Here's an excerpt from the German translation,

"Beloved son!

Since your last time here, so many a thing has happened that has brought us great worry, the past 14 days and longer has wrung thousands of tears from us. Your good mother, my dear son, is now so gravely ill that she has been languishing for over 14 days now in her sickbed, which will likely soon now become her deathbed. I find it hard to have to give you this sad news, it’s just her great longing for you is the reason why I made the suggestion to you, and deeply wish that you request of your superiors, as soon as you receive this letter, a swift leave of absence, at least 14 days, and then hurry to us, maybe it might be granted to you, to yet meet the good mother still living or at least that you might follow her coffin to the grave site. I just need to ask you not to overrush, so you don’t wind up ill when you reach us. "


Hope to see some of your family letters!

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