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Celebrate Handwriting!

Honor the Art of Handwriting and Your Family

through January 23rd - National Handwriting Day

As teaching handwriting becomes less common in schools, people are losing their ability to read old family letters. Anyone lucky enough to have lovingly saved letters from relatives may find their kids have a tough, if not almost impossible, time reading them. It’s time to honor handwriting.

Help celebrate National Handwriting Day. Now through January 23rd, Unlock Your History invites people to share their favorite family hand-written letter, postcard, even note. Old or new. English or other. Post one or many.

Tag @UnlockYrHistory on Instagram and tag Unlock Your History on Facebook with #HandwritingYourHistory and #NationalHandwritingDay and a comment about what they are sharing. Unlock Your History will highlight favorite ones on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


To get us started, we're sharing a relatively recent letter - 1979 that is also going onto Facebook and Instagram. My grandmother writes, "Hope [your mother] was able to get some information here." I've recently conferred with my mother, and we believe she was on a genealogy trip to Chicago!

Grandmother's Letter

We'll be sharing a variety of notes, letters, even a couple of diaries through the 23rd. Hope you do, too!


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