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When is October in September?

Beer lovers and German fans can likely answer this riddle in a second. We are talking about Oktoberfest! September brings a nip in the air, leaves changing into magnificent colors and Oktoberfest. In Munich and in many beer-loving towns across the United States, Oktoberfest celebrations get underway in September.

Oktoberfest - Munich from years back

Why September? The first Oktoberfest indeed was in October. To be precise, it started on October 12, 1810 to honor the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess of Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen in Munich. Festivities wrapped up five days later on October 17th with a horse race celebrating all of Bavaria. It was such a hit that the next year the horse race was joined by an agricultural fair with added entertainment. Over the years, the festival expanded. Of course, beer flowed. As time went by, the beer tents became more important and a bigger symbol for the festivities.

Organizers realized that September would be better weather for this now weeks-long celebration, although the final weekend does always end in early October. To celebrate in Munich in 2018, you have from September 22 to October 7 to enjoy Oktoberfest in its original home. Around the United States, Oktoberfest lovers have organized celebrations at various times, but almost all at least start in September. Here's raising a glass to them all. Prost!

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