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Der Nussknacker (The Nutcracker) - so much fun to say!

Nutcracker in front of Christmas tree on snowy day

Nutcrackers, decorated trees and snow on the ground. Christmas must be right around the corner.

We've a few more seasonal translations to continue getting you in the spirit!

Nutcracker - der Nussknacker “dair NOOSS-k-nahck-er" - make sure you say the "k" separately from the "nahck" and break out in a big smile

Present - das Geschenk “dahs guh-SHENK”

Christmastree topper - Weihnachtsbaumspitze “VIE-nakhts-baom-SHPITZ-uh”

Santa Claus - Weihnachtsmann “VIE-nakhts-mahn"

While St. Nicholas is more a part of the German tradition than Santa Claus, the American version of Santa has been popping up with growing frequency since the 1800s.


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