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How to Unlock: TeamMember
Just 4 Simple Steps on the journey to Unlock Your History


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Here are a few key scan tips:

- Get us a high resolution scan (300+ dpi 'dots per inch' is great but 200 dpi will generally do the job). Each scanner is different, but you should be able to adjust the resolution.

- Do a COLOR scan even if the original is black and white. It often helps with readability.

- A high-quality photo might work, but a good scan is better.

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Your family document is unique, and so is each one of our quotes. Roughly five days after sending us the scans of your family documents you will receive your custom quote. 

For pricing, we take into account lots of factors including:

- LEGIBILITY - rough handwriting or printing.

- LENGTH OF DOCUMENT - sometimes the more writing, the easier it is to make out an individual's quirks in handwriting, but not always.

- COMPLEXITY - some content and graphics are easier than others. Items with many technical terms or abbreviations take more time. Contextual Notes might be more or less involved depending on your family document.

Approve & Pay


After you receive our quote, give us a "go-ahead" and pay right away or feel free to ask questions. We want to make sure that you are comfortable with your quote.

Your quote also includes how long you should expect before you receive your personal Journey Book!

We take all major credit cards. 

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Get Your Key!!!

Each Journey Book comes to you full of rich information to make your personal journey into your family past as meaningful as possible. 


We include details on the original language - maybe it's German Kurrent, a Danish dialect or Renaissance-era English.

You get a side-by-side translation in a premium quality presentation.

We provide contextual notes so you have a better understanding of your family document. This could be details on the cities or towns mentioned, a tidbit on the kind of document or historical information.

You get both a physical Journey Book on acid-free, heavy-stock parchment paper as well as an electronic copy sent shortly thereafter. After all - we want you to share!

From Illegible

Handwriting is Tough!

Experience your translation in the same look and feel as your original

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