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Joyous German Visit Home: 1925

Day 6: highlighting the Art of Handwriting and your Family for January 23rd's National Handwriting Day.


Eliese Trede, my mother's grandmother, immigrated in 1908, leaving her loving parents on a journey across the Atlantic. This is her 1925 diary on her only trip back to Schleiswig-Holstein, Germany (the only time she saw her father again). This was clearly a lovely visit. In additional to learning the great genealogy tidbits of family names, it's interesting to note how often she mentions doing laundry!

1925 Diary - Trip to Germany

Below is an excerpt.

Sun. 10 Landed in Cuxhaven at 1:30 in the afternoon. Arrived in Hamburg at 6:15 p.m.

Mon. 11 arrive in Lütjenwest at quarter to noon. Joyous reunion reported [their presence to the police] in the afternoon

Tues. 12 [We] went around the village, visits in the evening

Wed. 13 plucked Waldmeister* in Adoo. Went to Uncle Hanns in the evening

Thur. 14 washing [laundry] visits in the evening

Fri. 15 visited Father and Mother went and spent day Tags at Dora and Willy’s

Sat. 16 to Father and Mother Pumpe

Sun. 17 all uncles and aunts visit. 32 in all. lots of fun

Mon. 18 Aunt Dora here. planted lillies


Hope this inspires you to share some of your written family treasures.

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